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Diversity and Multiculturalism

Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Inspired by and rooted in Goal IV of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools, we strive to live out the “Building of Community as a Christian Value” and pledge to live out the objectives highlighted:

  • The school, affirming that all are created in the image and likeness of God, promotes the inherent dignity of the human person and strives for relationships characterized by inclusion and mutual respect.
  • The school implements an ongoing plan for educating all members of the community to the charism, mission and heritage of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
  • The school engages with the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the United States and Canada and Sacred Heart schools around the world.
  • All members of the school community support a clean, healthy and safe environment.
  • Members of the school community practice and teach with a spirit of peace and reconciliation the principles of non-violence and conflict management.
  • School leadership demonstrates a conscious effort to recruit students and employ faculty and staff of diverse races, ethnicities and backgrounds.
  • School leadership allocates financial resources to support socioeconomic diversity both in the admissions process and in the daily life of students.

We believe that each and every person is created in the image of God, and therefore, we commit ourselves to fostering a social awareness that impels us to act in the interests of equity and justice for all. Our School strives to provide a welcoming environment for learning and growth, whereby students, faculty, and staff value every human being.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive learning environment is integral to achieving academic excellence. And so, in our multicultural world, Villa Duchesne prepares and inspires students to be active, informed, and responsible citizens locally, nationally, and throughout the world. Through the mission of the Sacred Heart Schools, we will reveal God’s love to the world.

Multiculturalism on Campus

As a member of the International Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Villa Duchesne is called to educate all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background.

Multiculturalism is a concept deeply rooted in the traditions of the Society of Sacred Heart. We believe that a multicultural and multiracial population is more likely to build a community committed to dismantling the barriers often associated with the issues of race, economics, and geography.

Respect for multiculturalism is reflected not only in our School community, but also in our institutional structure, culture, and environment. We are committed to creating a more diverse school community that will reflect modern society, enrich the education of our students, and fulfill the Sacred Heart mission of “building community.”

The Diversity Committee offers five goals and tactics for the School’s multicultural initiatives:

  • Goal One: Raise awareness and appreciate of diversity within the Sacred Heart Community.
  • Goal Two: Assess and broaden the multicultural focus of curriculum in terms of perspective and content.
  • Goal Three: Attract and retain faculty, staff, and administration of diverse backgrounds.
  • Goal Four: Attract and retain students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Goal Five: Counsel the faculty, staff, students, parents, and administration on how to interact effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds.

The above statements are part of a living document that is open to updates.


Below are some resources for our community to continue the work of building awareness around anti-racism:

Resources collected by the Network of Sacred Heart Schools (Stuart Center)

If you have any resources you would like to suggest to us, please contact us at! Thank you for your partnership.