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Villa Duchesne School of the Sacred Heart


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School Traditions

May Crowing Honor Guard students gather in Mary's grotto

St. Madeleine Sophie had a vision of forming saintes savants—wise saints and holy scholars! Her vision impels us to provide experiences that embrace both thought and action.

A French term that has been handed down from generation to generation, cache-cache refers to a group form of hide-and-seek, traditionally played at Sacred Heart schools.

On the last day before Christmas Break, each school family provides a basket of food for those in need. The hundreds of food baskets are presented at our Christmas Baskets Mass, which is open to the entire school community. Participation in this tradition is both an honor and a serious responsibility.

Always announced as a surprise, congé (kon-zhay), French for leave-taking, is a day for students to set aside schoolwork and play on campus. It is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to celebrate our school community.

Our school celebrates the following Feast Days with a Mass:

  • Feast of Mater Admirabilis, Mother Most Admirable. Pink accessories are often worn at Mass.
  • Feast of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Foundress of the first Sacred Heart schools in North America
  • Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart

Field Day is a community-building day of team sports and athletic activities for the entire school. Parents are invited to attend.

Sacred Heart students look forward to a surprise goûter (goo-tay) or “snacks” on special days.

Mater Admirabilis is Latin for “Mother Most Admirable” and refers to the fresco of the Virgin Mary painted by Pauline Perdrau, RSCJ in 1844. This image of Mary as a young girl is honored by Sacred Heart students around the world.

May Crowning is a liturgical celebration in which the school community honors Mary, the Mother of God with a student honor guard. Those attending Mass often wear pale blue accessories.

Students are recognized for their achievements and contributions to our Sacred Heart community at regular intervals throughout the school year.

This annual event welcomes our entire community back to campus before the first day of school. We enjoy Mass, food, games, and fun together on our beautiful campus.

School Songs