As our students in Early Childhood begin their educational journey, a focus is placed on providing a curriculum which develops positive interpersonal relationships and a love of learning through exploration, play, and problem-solving activities. A safe and welcoming environment is promoted in which each student is valued, cared for, and respected. Learning activities are personalized to meet children where they are as individuals and as members of their class as well as to help each student reach both challenging and realistic learning goals. Teachers provide structure and routine while encouraging responsibility. Students are praised for their efforts to make good choices, care for themselves and others, follow directions, exhibit dependability, and display trustworthiness. An emphasis is placed on respecting God’s creation and preparing our young students to be stewards of the earth’s resources. The Early Childhood Program is a reflection of the values and mission of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.

Early Childhood girl exiting the Duchesne Building.
It's Oak Hill