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Center for Student Success

Girl in Classroom with Hand Raised

The Center for Student Success is more of an approach than a specific space on campus. All of our classrooms, offices, theater, library, art studios, and college counseling, are centers for student success. All members of our administration, faculty, staff, and coaches are called to work together to create an educational environment where each student is successful.

Those whose work is primarily in the Center are charged with assisting students and teachers alike with strategies and techniques to utilize in the classroom, maximizing the potential of each learner. The Center offers support services for students with mild learning disabilities or students who learn differently. Students experience academic success, self-advocacy, love of learning, and confidence when given this academic reinforcement. Our specialists work closely with teachers to develop new methods of learning within the dynamic expectations of a college-preparatory curriculum, while emphasizing skill building, use of assistive technology, and alternative approaches of learning. The Center recognizes and honors a student’s unique gifts, talents, learning challenges, and style.

In addition, the Center collaborates regularly with administrators in the areas of classroom and standardized testing, development and implementation of individualized learning plans, and study skills workshops in the summer as well as during the school year.

Our experts in education are also a source of consultation and coaching regarding teaching methodology, classroom techniques, and management of student interventions to support knowledge acquisition and a love of learning. In the words of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, we are here for the “sake of one child.”