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Middle School Blog


Hello, Sisters. Welcome to our school blog. Today, we are talking about anxiety with school work. Specifically, when we first came to Villa. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks to help you have a more positive outlook on school homework—and school in general.

We know middle school is a scary topic, but once you start, you’ll realize it is not as scary as you think. Your friends and teachers are always there to help and support you whenever you need them. To wrap it up, even if middle school sounds frightening, homework has tons of benefits that will help you in your life beyond your time at Villa. WOoHOo! 

~ Liza & Hope

When we first came to Villa, we were very anxious about the homework load in middle school. We have come to realize that we were right—it was a step up—but you will learn how to manage the homework load; once you do, it’s not so bad! In our opinion, with the help of family and teachers the number one thing to do is PRIORITIZE your time in a way that is efficient for you! Our homework load really just depends on the day. For example, if you don't have much homework one day, you can spend your free time doing something that is due in a week. So, if you know you have a test in a week, then you can use your extra time working on your study guide, and that way you can spend your weekend doing something fun!

~ Elle & Elizabeth

When we were looking at Villa Duchesne, we were very stressed about the homework load each night and how hard the classes would be compared to our old schools. Although we were scared of facing more work and harder classes, it’s not as bad as we imagined. Some things that help us to manage our workload are to not procrastinate, to always go to teachers when we need help, and to not be afraid to ask questions when we have them. These tips help us to keep our grades on track and to not fall behind in classes.

~ Grace & Maeve


Hi, Sisters! Today, we will be discussing transitions to a new school. Picking a middle school can be very nerve-wracking and stressful. From our experience, we made the right decision by choosing Villa Duchesne. Mainly, we feared that we wouldn’t make friends. Little did we know that everyone is very welcoming, and super kind, making it easy to make friends. Our class also has a good bond, so we are all great friends and sisters.

~ Avery & Kagan

Coming into any school can be difficult and our experience of coming to Villa may be similar to yours. We moved both states and schools and did not know anybody coming in—we were very scared. You may be feeling a similar way, but you do not need to worry! One of the reasons we were anxious about making friends was because of Oak Hill. Oak Hill is the coed elementary school on our campus. Since we did not go to Oak Hill, we were very scared that all of those girls already had their “groups” or “cliques,” but we quickly learned that is not true. Everybody that we have met at this school has been so friendly and inclusive including the high schoolers. 

We hope this helped you feel a lot less scared and know that it will be okay! If you’re worried, come visit us!

~ Mia & Madolyn

We remember starting our first day at Villa Duchesne; it was so scary, especially starting in the middle of the school year. We were so scared about making friends and what the other girls would be like. We were worried about fitting in, and being the “new kids.”  We remember starting our first day and everyone was more than nice. Then we realized everyone was scared about their first day. We started making friends, and it started to come to us that Villa was our second home. We felt so comfortable and loved. It is really a great place, and even better school. So if you are thinking about coming to Villa, we definitely recommend it. You will love it just as much as we do.

~ Maggie & Anna

One way to make a friend is finding things you have in common—this can be anything from sports to favorite subjects to extracurriculars. You can also be the first to invite them to hang out; taking this initial step is going to tell them that you are interested in a friendship. When doing this, maybe they will have the idea to invite you to things also. Once you have one friend, everything is going to be much easier! You will start becoming friends with their friends and be part of a group. Something to remember is not to limit your friendships to one group. Be friends with everyone!  

~ Maria & Parker


Moving to a new school can be really scary. One part that makes it really hard is meeting your new teachers. Will they be nice? Will they give tons of homework? We didn’t know until we got there. On our first day at Villa, we were terrified that they wouldn’t like us or would yell at us. Once we started our classes, we realized the teachers were ready to help and wouldn’t judge us for messing up. At Villa, the teachers are very kind, open, and willing to answer any questions you have. When we had to go meet with a teacher for the first time, we prepared for the worst—but, the teacher was very kind and ready to help us with new ideas for our essays. After this meeting, we finally started to realize how nice the teachers are. They always help us do our best and prepare us for everything that comes our way. 

~ Veronica & Ashley

The teachers are amazing!

~ Soleil, Isabel & Paige

Starting at a new school is a scary experience, but what we've found is that there is an immense amount of support and love in the atmosphere. Any time you need help or guidance, there is someone who will be there—whether that is a teacher, upperclassmen, or even a peer in your own class.

Teachers are kind and won’t put pressure on you when they know you are not ready to handle it. They give you time to adjust and are helpful in easing you into the new school setting. It’s not just the teachers that are helpful! If you can't find a class, you can ask an upperclassman for help. They are willing to show you where to go and may even give you some good advice along the way!

There is always someone there for you at Villa, even if times get tough. You never have to feel alone or afraid. Villa is a place where everyone can belong!

~ Greta & Cat

A Middle School student journals in a classroom.