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Family Individualized Tuition

In the spirit of the Sacred Heart commitment to building community and removing barriers, we offer Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). FIT is designed to increase access to a high-quality Sacred Heart education for academically qualified students who can strengthen our community and advance the mission of the School. In a competitive independent school market, we want to be the top choice for your family!

A Sacred Heart education at Villa Duchesne is a transformative experience. We believe that students who are seeking a Sacred Heart education and ready to make the most of their school experience should not see tuition as a barrier. FIT makes this possible! Over 25% of our families currently receive individualized tuition, and families from 58 zip codes in the region and across the economic spectrum have found their home at Villa Duchesne. All of our students strengthen our school community with their gifts and talents!

FIT is a part of the mission of Sacred Heart education as reflected in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education. We would love to talk with your family about FIT!

My Sacred Heart education has had a profound influence on my life. Because of our family situation, I would not have considered Villa to be a realistic option for us. I am so glad I started the conversation. Now, I am able to give my daughters the gift of a Sacred Heart education!

 -Villa Duchesne alum and current parent

A Sacred Heart Education at Villa Duchesne

Learn more about Family Individualized Tuition at Villa Duchesne!

Tuition at Villa Duchesne

This chart reflects the top tier of tuition for each grade level, and serves as a starting point as you think about participating in FIT. Tuition numbers for 2023-2024 will be announced in February.

Grade  |  Top Tuition 2022-2023

JK3 3 half days (M, W, F) | $8,025
JK3 3 full days (M, W, F) | $11,125
JK3 3 full days/2 half days | $16,450

JK3/JK4 5 half days | $13,375
JK3/JK4 5 full days | $18,500

Grades K-4 | $21,350
Grades 5-6 | $22,250
Grades 7-12 | $26,900

What could FIT look like for your family?

We want to start a conversation about FIT with our families as early as possible, so families have the information they need as they go through the admissions process. Many factors are considered when determining your family’s tuition. Please reach out to us to discuss your individual situation.

Family Individualized Tuition Application Process

  1. The preferred deadline for FIT is January 15, 2023, for the 2023-2024 School Year. If you are learning about FIT after January 15, please submit a FIT application! We do continue to accept and review applications after the deadline if funds are available, but we give priority to families who apply by the deadline.
  2. To prepare to apply, collect the required supporting documents: most recent paystubs and W-2 forms for all jobs; most recently filed tax return (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules), most recently filed Business Tax return if applicable, and any supplemental income documentation (social security, welfare, food stamps, child support, 1099M forms, workers compensation, unemployment, veterans benefits, etc.).
  3. Visit the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment website and create an account or log in if you already have an account.
  4. Complete the required information and submit the required documentation.
  5. Once your information is processed, Villa Duchesne will receive a recommendation from FACTS, and that recommendation will be reviewed by our FIT Committee. Using the recommendation and all other qualitative information provided by the family, the FIT Committee will determine a sustainable rate of tuition that prioritizes tuition as a top financial commitment but does not exceed your budget. Fairness and confidentiality are at the heart of this process.
  6. If you have questions about FIT, email If you have questions about the FACTS application, you can contact FACTS family support at 1-866-315-9262.


Villa Duchesne offers many scholarships. Review our Scholarship page to learn more about how to apply! 

529 Savings Plans

The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means 529 savings plans—plans that allow families to save for educational expenses—can be used for private school tuition grades K-12 as well college costs. More than 30 states, including Missouri, offer a tax deduction for households that contribute to a 529 plan. Please consult your financial advisor as to the tax consequences associated with 529 plans.

FIT Frequently Asked Questions