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Each year, I share the Villa story with our alum community. I have the privilege of speaking to all of the great things happening on campus, as well as reminiscing about all the memories from days gone by. This year, I am looking at Villa through a different lens. Not only the lens of the Manager of Alumni Relations, but also the lens of a mother. My daughter is finishing her Sacred Heart journey as a graduate of the Class of 2024. Being here since kindergarten, she has emerged as a confident, intelligent, and amazing young lady. I have the pleasure of reliving my senior year memories as I walk with her down that same path. There are so many “lasts” at every turn as she has already experienced her last Father Daughter Dinner Dance, her last Cross Country season, and her last Christmas Basket Mass as a student. We both look ahead to sharing in the anticipated firsts that all alumnae hold dearly: Maypole, Graduation, and Baccalaureate. Experiencing these pivotal moments with Olivia, even if they are not exactly like my experience 35 years ago, still brings a flood of emotions. These are not the emotions that all parents feel as their children graduate high school. This is different. It is the feeling of knowing that everything I have come to love about my time at Villa is now going to be fully understood by my daughter. And just like me, she will continue to grow in her appreciation of everything this “home” has given her. My love for this limestone chateau at 801 S Spoede Road is the same as the love she has for “the castle on Conway”. While Olivia and I have had similar experiences, the difference lies within her reality and her Villa story, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. 

Rachel Drone Gehm '88
Manager of Alumnae/i Relations
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Mrs. Rachel Drone Gehm'88