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Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

Alumnae Internships

“You have been chosen to a kind of apostleship: a mission that is great, noble and divine.” St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

We are inviting alums to apply for a Stubblefield Alumnae Internship. The internship program is open to any Sacred Heart alum with at least 30 hours of college credit or who is a recent college graduate. This paid internship is an opportunity for alums to grow personally and professionally in their chosen fields while supporting Sacred Heart education at Villa Duchesne.

When St. Madeleine Sophie founded the Society of the Sacred Heart, she envisioned educating young people to be lifelong learners who served the world. Today, the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education continue to guide us. It calls Children of the Sacred Heart to nurture their faith, intellect, social awareness, community, and personal growth even after leaving our beloved campus for the “real world.”

In addition to the professional experience, each intern will receive a written recommendation from Villa Duchesne upon the successful completion of the Stubblefield Alumnae Internship. We look forward to supporting our young alums in “a mission that is great, noble and divine.”


Deborah O. Schlattman, Director of Advancement
Rachel Drone Gehm '88, Manager of Alumnae/i Relations

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Director of Advancement
Deborah O. Schlattman

Manager of Alumnae/i Relations
Rachel Drone Gehm '88