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Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

Preserving Our Legacy

Preserving the City House & Barat Hall Pedestal 

“Cor Jesus, Miserere Nobis!" 

These are the words inscribed on the 60,000 pound granite pedestal for the Sacred Heart of Jesus from our beloved City House and Barat Hall, which were closed in 1968. The building was raised, but this monument to the Sacred Heart remains.

It is time to share it with the next generation of Sacred Heart students. 

Villa Duchesne has galvanized the support of the alumni community, who wish to preserve the City House & Barat Hall Pedestal as a historic piece of Sacred Heart history for future generations of students. The School has chosen a significant and pleasing location on the upper campus, across from the visitor’s entrance of the 1929 Main Building, to place the City House Pedestal.  

We are eager and enthused to see this piece of our shared histories brought to Villa Duchesne. Make your gift today to make this dream possible!



Save the City House and Barat Hall Legacy! 

Support the relocation of the City House & Barat Hall Pedestal to Villa Duchesne for future generations of students to admire, wonder, and enjoy. 
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