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Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

Tres Bien Award

What is the Très Bien Award?
Each year, a small group of esteemed alumnae receive the Très Bien Award for their service to the school and community. The Très Bien Award is given to Villa Duchesne-City House alumnae who demonstrate in their lives the traditions and values of their Sacred Heart education. The award recognizes exemplary service or achievement in the community or to one’s family, church, or profession.

If you would like to nominate an alumna for this award, please contact the Villa Duchesne-City House Alumnae Association Très Bien Committee Chair, Julie Desloge Dubray '80, at

You may also mail in your nomination to:
Julie Desloge Dubray '84
128 Frontenac Forest
St. Louis, MO 63131

Très Bien Awards are presented to recipients at the annual Alumnae Mass; nominations are due by June 15, prior to the fall reunion weekend.

All nominations should include:

  • Nominee's first, maiden (if applicable), and last name
  • Nominee's class year and school
  • Specific examples that describe how the alumna lives the traditions and values of their Sacred Heart education
  • Your first, maiden (if applicable), and last name
  • Your class year and school
  • Your contact information

Très Bien Recipients

2021 Très Bien Recipients
Molly Harvey Mulvihill '81, Delphine Gladden Williams '71, Sunny Sims '98, and  Amy Ahlering von Gontard '81
2020 Très Bien Recipients
Top, L to R: Nancy Ciapciak Thiedke '80 and Mary Ann Mitchell Smith CH '65 Bottom, L to R: Therese Irvin Hagemeister '85. Mary Niemann Ciapciak '75, and Maria LoPiccolo Wilmas '64
2019 Tres Bien Recipients
Marta Perez Pauly ’69 (representing the Class of 1969), Michele Murphy Francis CH '66, Julie Desloge Dubray '84  
2017 Très Bien Recipients
Mary Ellen Hickey Curran-Schnoebelen ’50, Betty Garesché Torno CH ’55, Jenny Warner O’Neil ’74, and Tonie FitzGibbon ’67
2016 Très Bien Recipients
Tara Clark Smith ’88, Annie Ford Marx ’80, Lucy Hatton Schmidt ’72, Nellie Ribaudo ’89, and Cathie Ott
2015 Très Bien Recipients
Linda Sweets Martin ’75, Mimi McEnery Fonseca ’80, Mary Kathleen Rice CH ’65, and Maura B. McShane ’70
2014 Très Bien Recipients
Christy Ford Schlafly '74, Diane Spitze Kriegshauser '55, Sunny Hennessy McCown '65, and Mary Ann Kirkwood Murphy '63.
2010 Très Bien Recipients
Ann Hogan Russek CH '60, Jacquelin Savage Naunheim CH '53, Sr. Mary Edward, m.c. '69 (not shown), Candace Clark Friedman '83
2008 Tres Bien Recipients
Stavra Gianoulakis Bayer CH '76, Kathy Hannegan Meyer '76, Jacqueline Herrmann Gregerson CH 63, Martha Key Altvater '75, Carol Malone CH '53