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Music and theatre productions at Villa Duchesne are selected and planned to give students opportunities to discover and build their performance skills and confidence, to create community, and to express themselves onstage. All students grades 9-12 are welcome to audition for productions or to take on technical theatre roles such as stage manager, lighting or sound operator, or backstage crew. Depending on the selection, boys from neighboring schools may be cast to complete the ensemble. Middle school productions are designed to be thoroughly inclusive, creating roles for each student who wishes to be part of the experience.

Productions include:

Fall Musical (9-12): The fall musical is a collaborative effort by a director, musical director, and choreographer who work with the cast to create a strong, polished production. Auditions are open to all students 9-12, and show choir and concert choir members are strongly encouraged to audition for the musical. An audition workshop is held prior to auditions so that students know exactly what to expect and how to prepare. Performance dates for the fall musical are typically the end of October or mid-November.

Evening of One-Act Plays (9-12): This is a student-led, student-directed collection of short plays, often featuring original scripts written by Villa Duchesne students. Evening of One-Acts is the perfect opportunity for students new to acting to try it out. For students involved in many sports, performance dates at the end of January often afford a window to participate.

Winter Play (9-12): The winter play is selected to contrast with the style and feel of the fall musical, to give students a broad experience in performance opportunities. Performance dates are typically the end of February or beginning of March.

Middle School Plays (7-8): All seventh and eighth graders are encouraged to audition for middle school plays. One non-musical play is produced each year, with an additional Christmas or musical play done every other year. 

Show Choirs (7-12): The high school show choirs, Madrijazz and Villa Vocé, are high energy vocal and dance ensembles. Members commit to show choir as a regular course (Chorus I or Chorus II), in addition to several after school rehearsals to prepare for the annual concerts: Christmas Concert and Spring Spectacular. To be eligible for show choir in grades 10-12, students must first complete Concert Choir. A student joining the school community after her freshman year may request a singing and dance audition for admittance into show choir. The high school show choirs often travel to visit and perform at Sacred Heart sister schools, compete in Show Choir Festivals, and other exciting events. The middle school show choir, Villa Pizzazz, is a vocal and dance ensemble that performs in the Christmas and Spring Spectacular concerts.

Villa Show Choirs

Check out our 2020 Show Choirs music video! Who doesn't feel better when we're dancing in 2020? Schedule a visit today and learn more about opportunities in Performing Arts!

Better When I'm Dancing written by Meghan Trainor and Dixon Thaddeus.

Villa's Show Choir practices choreography.