Welcome from Our Student Council President

Allow me to start by saying how honored I am to be a leader at Villa Duchesne: a school that takes learning further than just academics, a school that teaches you to expand your love to the wider community, a school that, through amazing faculty and students, exemplifies kindness and generosity. 

The community aspect at Villa is like no other. With small classes, one gets to know their whole grade well, and even gets the chance to make close bonds with students in other grades. 

Luckily, the unity in our Villa community is only growing. After the uncertainties of the last school year due to COVID, we were not able to do many all-school activities. So, this year, one of the things I am most excited for is the atmosphere of unity in our Villa community that will be even more pervasive. With morning assembly starting again, house competitions returning, the common rooms open, and more, our Villa community will enjoy the comfort of unity, a value that holds such great importance. 

Furthermore, not only are students at Villa Duchesne united with fellow Villa students, we are united with a whole network of Sacred Heart schools expanding across the globe. This Sacred Heart connection allows one to capitalize on opportunities of service and exchange programs throughout the country. 

Another significant aspect of Villa is the great emphasis on tradition, both old and new. Congé, Field Day, Christmas Basket Mass, Maypole, Saints Start-Up, and Goûter are just a few of my favorite traditions. If the traditions in place already aren't enough, there is always an opportunity to start new ones. For example, during my freshman year, student council started a new tradition of a Halloween haunted house on campus. Also started my freshman year is a tradition called Phily week, a week of philanthropy and class bonding. Old traditions along with the new ones are an incredible aspect of life at Villa.

Through strong academics, an abundance of student-led clubs, show choir, athletic teams, a wonderful theater program, and a broad fine arts program, Villa gives every student a chance to ignite their passion and purpose. 

I am so fortunate to be Student Council President of an amazing school, with amazing students and amazing faculty. I look forward to the year ahead and cannot wait to see where it takes us.


Ava Gueck ’22
Student Council President


Ava Gueck, 2021 StuCo President