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Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

Lower School

Our elementary school curriculum nurtures and challenges students to have the grit and perseverance to develop into independent individuals who possess the characteristics and skills to navigate through their educational journey.

Academic excellence is embedded within the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria. Through collaboration and professional development of faculty and staff, lessons are designed in which students explore, investigate, and collaborate to ensure the growth of higher-order thinking skills, competent problem solving, and the ability to take risks. When facing an undesired outcome, students have the ability to regroup and approach the challenge in an alternate manner. Students are appreciated for their individual strengths, while academic expectations are based on where the student is both developmentally and cognitively. The ultimate outcome of a Sacred Heart education is students who have the confidence and tools to become individuals who can navigate through life and ultimately make a positive impact in their world

In my classes, we don't just read things and then take tests. We always talk about what we are learning together, and then we do something hands on. We'll learn a concept in science, and then test it out in the Makerspace. My sister is in JK. She learned about embryology, and her class got to hatch their own chickens. And now, we get to take care of the chickens!

Cameron, Grade 4


Junior Kindergarten students learn about chicken embryology.


We seek to not only attain knowledge but to deeply understand the world and our fellow humans so that we may make a meaningful impact through faith and love.

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Why Co-Gender Education?

Lower School girl and boy walk down a locker lined hallway