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Let’s take a class visit! Throughout the year, each of our seventh grade students will have the opportunity to take Digital Citizenship with Mrs. Koehler as a part of our middle school rotation! Our middle school students are typically just starting their journey with social media. They are often new consumers of the digital world, and they are ready to talk about it. In Digital Citizenship class this week, students discussed the challenges of using the internet as a teen in today's world. They reviewed the terms "Addictive Design" and "Humane Design" and shared examples of each. They began a conversation about privacy and data, what we choose to share online, how entities collect our data, and how they use it. Finally, they collaborated on a project to use information gleaned from data to inform the design of a product to sell to teenagers. In this class, the students will continue to study hard questions, engage in creative problem-solving, and examine their own relationship with social media. This is just one way we are working on wise freedom in our middle school program!