In the Middle Bullseye
  • Middle School

We have an exciting new development in Middle School. Today, each middle school student received an electronic card they can use to open the doors to the 1929 Main Building and Kenefick Gym Monday through Friday between 8:20 am and 3:30 pm (the doors are already unlocked in the morning when students arrive). The girls can keep this swipe card in the plastic holder that was issued along with their Wise Freedom card and can use it to cover the demerit side of their card. We hope this will help mitigate some of the stress the girls feel about others viewing their Wise Freedom card.

We’ve also been brainstorming other ways to minimize the stress and anxiety over Wise Freedom cards as we all get accustomed to this new initiative. Mrs. Steenberge offered the rationale behind the Wise Freedom cards in her August 26 and September 1 Saints Weekly articles, available in the newsletter archives if you would like to review. We love the idea of accountability and transparency in our discipline, but we are constantly monitoring and assessing how these cards can work the best in our school. We know many girls are stressed about losing their cards, so we’ve ordered lanyards for the girls to wear if that makes them more comfortable. We’ve suggested putting the lanyard between their polo and sweatshirt, if possible, so it's not visible. Know that while the girls are asked to keep the cards with them, there is no requirement that the card be visible. We initially suggested putting them on their planner or in their pencil case, but many girls have indicated they prefer to have them on their person. For girls who prefer this, lanyards might be a good solution.

We are also encouraging the girls to leave their cards in their lockers at the end of the day. This will minimize the chance of the cards being left in their clothes and put in the wash! The teachers who are with students the last period of the day will remind them to put the cards in their lockers.

Please know that we are constantly re-evaluating not only this initiative but all the things we do to ensure the girls have the best experience possible. We want them to grow up into responsible and accountable young women, and at all times, we are balancing this against the level of stress and anxiety they can bear. We love your girls and always want to do what is best for them. Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to me or Mrs. Steenberge if you’d like clarification about the rationale behind any of our policies or procedures.

Dr. Melissa Allen
Middle School Dean of Students