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The Archdiocesan High School Information Nights begin this evening! During September and October, the archdiocese will host several Zoom sessions that prospective students can attend to learn more about Catholic high schools in the diocese. Therese Hagemeister and I will join our wonderful student ambassadors in sharing the mission of Sacred Heart education during these sessions with middle school students throughout the region.

Prospective families often ask, “What makes Sacred Heart education special? Can’t my daughter get a good education at any one of these schools?” We all know that our community relationships are our strongest differentiator, but another thing that makes us special is our focus on global competency. Our Network of Sacred Heart Schools, with 25 schools in North America and almost 150 around the world, sets us apart from other schools in the area. Our membership in this network gives us opportunities that are distinct from all the other schools in our region.

Yesterday morning, we had one of these unique opportunities. Eight of our students met with 137 Sacred Heart students and educators from Europe and North America on Zoom. They met in small groups with students from Spain, France, Mexico, Italy, Austria and other countries. Each student was asked to pin a spot in their hometown that was special to them and share with the group why they liked it, and they talked about activities that were meaningful to them. One of the students from Spain was so passionate about field hockey, she brought her hockey stick! 

Yesterday’s focus was on establishing trust and communication in the small groups; these same groups will meet several more times this year and begin talking about weightier topics. The goal is to create an awareness in our students of how life around the globe can be the same but sometimes vastly different depending on where you live. The joy is that these students all share a commitment to the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education, so the connection with one another is immediate and lays the groundwork for the dialogue they need to increase the global competency of our students here at Villa. We look forward to creating more opportunities for our girls to get the skills they need to become our future global leaders.

Mrs. Jeannie Steenberge
Upper School Principal